Via Alpina


  1. Lengte van pad 5,000 km, 3,107 mijl
  2. Lengte in dagen 333 dagen
  3. Start van pad Monaco
  4. Einde van pad Trieste
  5. Traildino graad DW, Moeilijke wandeling, bushwalk
  6. Huttentrektocht graad T3, Veeleisende bergtocht

Via Alpina

The Via Alpina is a pan European trail from Monaco to Trieste, covering the entire Alps region. No less than eight Alpine countries are involved: Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France and Monaco.

All together the Via Alpina trails cover 5000km in 342 stages. There are five separate trails, of which the red trail is the longest, forming a full arc connecting Trieste to Monaco, 2500km. This can be done in about four months. The yellow trail also starts from Trieste, takes an alternative route to Oberstdorf in Germany, where it ends to meet the red trail again. The purple trail splits off from the red trail in Tržaška koča na Doliču and turns east to make a detour through Slovenia and Austria, only to meet up with the red trail again also in Oberstdorf. Further west in Liechtenstein the green trail splits off from the red trail to take a shorter route across Switzerland to Adelboden where it ends to meet the red trail. Finally, the blue trail splits from the red trail in Riale, Italy, only to be rejoined with the red trail in Sospel, southern France, near the final destination Monaco.

The Via Alpina is a stiff hike, for hardened walkers. It crosses many of the main Alpine mountain ranges. However, it is not a mountaineering expedition, and there are no glacier crossings involved nor any exposed passages.

Season for hiking the Alps is from early July until halfway September. In the lower parts, june is a fine month, full of flowers. And oktober can be very pleasant in the Dolomites and southern Alps.

To prepare, start by visiting the excellent website of the Via Alpina organisation (see under Facts).


Beoordeling 9.0 | 1 stem | No 2. in Oostenrijk
  • Henk Nouws Juli 2007
  • Beoordeling 9
  • Positief The Via Alpina is a great project, comparable to the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian trail in the United States. It crosses the well known parts of the Alps, but also lesser known regions which are not less interesting.
  • Negatief The trail is a cooperation between many countries and national organisations, and sometimes one gets the impression that not everyone is convinced of the importance of this project. I walked parts of the Via Alpina in Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Monaco and France.
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Via Alpina

Map Via Alpina


  • Via Alpina in Southern France and Italy

  • Henk Nouws Augustus 2012
  • This is an account of my walk on the Via Alpina Red Trail, starting in Monaco and ending in Ormea, Italy. I hiked 10 stages in eight days, R161 - R152. It was a great walk, not only because of the vibrant mediterranean nature and landscape, but al...
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  • Explore the mountains and lakes of Slovenia’s Julian Alps as you follow the Via Alpina from Jezersko to Lake Bohinj. Explore the mountains and lakes of Slovenia’s Julian Alps as you follow the Via Alpina from the tranquil village of Jezersko to Lake Bohinj at the heart of the Triglav National Park. Following well marked trails you will walk... Read more
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