Bazardüzü - South ridge

The starting point is the flood plain of the river Yatuxdərə at 2800m. You can drive to this place from Laza or Xınalıq with a 4x4 car over adventurous. About 5 minutes up the valley there is a small grassy area where you can stay (camp 1). Then you follow right (north side) of Yatuxdərə on a clear trail to about 3100m where the mountain stream must be crossed. If there is no snow bridge, it can be very tricky at high water level. Next, follow the pure seen trail, first through scree, then grassy area until 3250m where you cross a sidearm from the river Yatuxdərə. So, you reach a wide grassy area where you can bivouac (camp 2). The grassy area is crossed uphill until you reach a field with large stone blocks. This field is also crossed uphill. Above the stones you still follow a few hundred meters the Yatuxdərə before you have to cross the river at about 3350m. Now you’re on the beginning of the long south ridge with fine gravel. First, a bit steep, then flat again, but soon afterwards throughout 30 ° steep you walk up the scree slope. Of trails are clearly seen here. At about 4000m a small saddle is achieved with some small rocks. Then, as usual, you walk up again the south ridge where now no more tracks can be seen. At about 4300m the back flattens and you reach the wide East Ridge. The last meters you follow the East Ridge and cross a snow field - then you reach the highest point with the metal triangle.


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    Mount Bazarduzu, Azerbeidzjan | Beoordeling 9

    PositiefGreat nature and interessting people in the Caucasus of Azerbaijan. At this area are until no tourist because you need a lot of permits.

    NegatiefIt's only alowed hiking Bazardüzü with a guide.

  • Wanneer September 2015
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  • Afstand gelopen 18 km (~11.2 miles)
  • Dagen gelopen 2 days

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