GR654 - Via Lemovicensis


  1. Name GR654 - Via Lemovicensis (GR654)
  2. Lengte van pad 900 km, 559 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 36 dagen
  4. Start van pad Vézelay
  5. Einde van pad Ostabat
  6. Traildino graad EW, Makkelijke wandeling, natuurpad

GR654, Voie de Vézelay, Limoges PérigueuxVia Lemovicensis, Vézalay - Ostabat. 900 km, 36 days

GR654, (Namur - ) Rocroi - Vézelay - Montréal, 1500 km, 60 days, add another 200 km to Ostabat via GR65, or Rocroi - Vézelay - Ostabat, 1650 km, 66 days

The Via Lemovicensis or Voie de Vézelay, is one of the pilgrimage routes in France to Santiago de Compostela. It comes in two main flavours and several varieties. Let’s explain this.

The official Via Lemovicensis follows the historical Way to the Pyrenees and Santiago. There are many towns, cities, beautiful churches etc. on this trail. The total length from Vézelay to the Spanish frontier, Ostabat, is 900 km. One itinerary goes over Nevers. A second one over Bourges. They soon run together again.

Of course, pilgrims from Holland, Belgium and western Germany have to walk to Vézelay first. Here comes in the GR654. It officially connects Namur in Belgium with Vézelay in France. The first part - Namur to the French village of Rocroi - is also covered by the Via Monastica. continuing from Rocroi to Vézelay is 540 km.

In Vézelay, the GR654 is taking a different course from the Via Lemovicensis. The GR654 is much longer, because it avoids busy roads: "the meandering route that has little to do with historical pilgrimage routes", Peter Robins writes on his website. It is geared towards hikers, more than towards pilgrims. One alternative goes to Montréal, 952 km. Form there, it is another 200 km via the GR65 to Ostabat, the Spanish frontier. A second alternative takes a western direction and goes directly to Ostabat, about 900 km from the start in Vézelay.

This route is popular with walkers and pilgrims from Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. It is a pretty route, passing many attractive regions in France.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

Select some tracks
Voie limousine
.(no name), 143km
.(no name), 127km
.(no name), 138km
.(no name), 118km
.(no name), 254km
.(no name), 103km
.(no name), 3.4km
.(no name), 102km
.(no name), 193km
Via Lemovicensis
.Voie de Vézelay, Saincoins - Aixe-sur-Vienne, 388km
Voie de Vézelay
.(no name), 43km
.(no name), 19km
.(no name), 66km
.(no name), 52km
.De Reims à Châlons-en-Champagne, 60km
.(no name), 38km
.Voie de Vézelay, Vitry-en-Perthois - Brienne, 84km
.Voie de Vézelay, Brienne - Bar-sur-Seine, 54km
.Voie de Vézelay, Bar-sur-Seine - Tonnerre, 62km
.Voie de Vézelay, Tonnerre - Auxerre, 43km
.Voie de Vézelay, Auxerre - Saint-Moré, 41km
.Voie de Vézelay, Saint-Moré - Vézelay, 16km
.Voie de Vézelay, Vézelay - La Charité-sur-Loire, 94km
.(no name), 37km
.Voie de Vézelay, Nevers - Sancoins, 32km
.Voie de Vézelay, Aixe-sur-Vienne - Châlus, 37km
.Voie de Vézelay, Châlus - Bergerac, 140km
.Voie de Vézelay Ouest, Bergerac - Mont-de-Marsan, 213km
.Voie de Vézelay Ouest, Mont-de-Marsan - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, 108km
.Voie de Vézelay Est, Bergerac - Clairac, 104km
.Voie de Vézelay Est, Clairac - Montréal-du-Gers, 80km
De La Charité-sur-Loire à Nevers, 37km
Liaison Douville - Villamblard, 2km
Liaison GR 654 Ouest - GR 6, 3.9km
GR 12 Amsterdam - Bruxelles - Paris Belgium main route Wallonia
.GR 12 Wallonie, Braine-le-Château - Fontaine-l'Évêque, 75km
.GR 12 Wallonie, Fontaine-l'Évêque - Brûly-de-Pesche, 101km
Voie de Vézelay, Reims - Auxerre, 61km


Map of GR654 North

Map of GR654 South


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De Zwerver
De Zwerver
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  • GR654 Sentier St-Jacques: Perigueux - Roncevaux FFRP Topo-guide No. 6543
  • Sentier St-Jacques: Perigueux - Roncevaux, FFRP topoguide Ref. no. 6543, covering the second part of the Way of St James route along the GR654 which starts in Vézelay, the section from Perigueux to the Pyrenees. Also covered is an eastern route from Bergerac to Montréal-de-Gers. Current edition of this title was published in June 2014.ABOUT THE... Read more
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United Kingdom
  • GR654 Chemins de St-Jacques: Vézelay - Périgueux FFRP Topo-guide No. 6542
  • Chemins de St-Jacques: Vézelay - Périgueux, FFRP topoguide Ref. no. 6542, covering the 744km route along the GR654 the Way of St. Jamezs from Vézelay via Limoges to Périgueux. Current edition of this title was published in March 2015.ABOUT THE FFRP (Fédération française de la randonnée pédestre) TOPOGUIDES: published in a handy A5 paperback... Read more
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