1. Name Graafschapspad (SP8)
  2. Lengte van pad 116 km, 72 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 6 dagen
  4. Start van pad Zutphen
  5. Einde van pad Zutphen
  6. Traildino graad LW, Lichte wandeling, landelijke wandeling

Graafschapspad, Doetinchem - Ruurlo - by Henk

Graafschapspad, SP8: Circular Trail, 116 km, divided into 4-6 day hikes.

If you want to go east, but not too far from the urban centres of the country, this trail is a fine suggestion. The ‘Graafschap' is a region to the east of the river IJssel. It owes much of its historical development to its position between the towns of Holland and the German hinterland. This brought trade and resulted in attractive towns like Zutphen. In addition to being a trade route, traditionally the area was also attractive for the rich to build their country houses and estates. Social inequality is not a thing of the past, but present day walkers are free to enjoy its contribution to the countryside.

Also known as the Regional Path RP 8, the Graafschapspad is a circular trail around the town of Vorden in the province of Gelderland. Both Zutphen and Doesburg are convenient starting points. (DB)

Select some tracks
.Graafschapspad (01), 6.1km
.Graafschapspad (02), 4km
.Graafschapspad (03), 6.1km
.Graafschapspad (04), 4.9km
.Graafschapspad (05), 4.6km
.Graafschapspad (06), 5.6km
.Graafschapspad (07), 4.8km
.Graafschapspad (08), 11km
.Graafschapspad (09), 5.4km
.Graafschapspad (10), 4.4km
.Graafschapspad (11), 5km
.Graafschapspad (12), 4.6km
.Graafschapspad (13), 4.2km
.Graafschapspad (14), 8km
.Graafschapspad (15), 3.4km
.Graafschapspad (16), 5.7km
.Graafschapspad (17), 4.9km
.Graafschapspad (18), 7.4km
.Graafschapspad (19), 5.4km
.Graafschapspad (20), 4.9km
.Graafschapspad (21), 4.6km
.Graafschapspad (22), 7.2km
.Graafschapspad (23), 4.3km


Beoordeling 7.0 | 2 stemmen | No 19. in Nederland
  • dirkpieter April 2008
  • Beoordeling 7
  • Positief Relaxt and often beautiful area's were you walk though...
  • Henk Nouws Mei 2007
  • Beoordeling 7
  • Positief A change to walk along the River IJssel, imo the most beautiful river of the Netherlands. Fine forests.
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Graafschapspad SP8


De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids S8 Streekpad Graafschapspad | Wandelnet
  • Routegids met gedetailleerde topografische kaarten waar de route duidelijk op ingetekend is. Daarnaast alle noodzakelijke informatie als openbaar vervoer en overnachtingsadressen. Traject : Rondom Vorden / Lengte : 124 km Een afwisselende route in een verrassend stukje Nederland. Kleine bosjes, landgoederen en Saksische boerderijen in de... Read more
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