1. Name Waterliniepad (SP18)
  2. Lengte van pad 145 km, 90 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 7 dagen
  4. Start van pad Weesp
  5. Einde van pad Werkendam
  6. Traildino graad LW, Lichte wandeling, landelijke wandeling

Weesp, start of the Waterliniepad

SP18, Waterliniepad: Weesp - Werkendam, 145 km

Sometimes the Dutch call themselves 'the Chinese of Europe'. The reason for this is not clear, but the Dutch Waterlinie can give some justification. This defensesystem can be compared to the Great Wall of China, altough it is in some ways its opposite. The Chinese Wall was built to keep out enemies from the north and the west. The Waterlinie was meant to stop armies coming from the east and south. And for many a mile Waterlinie is a negative wall: open country wich can be turned into a shallow lake, with enough water to stop attackers from walking but not enough water to use a boat. The Waterlinie is an example of ingenious 19th century Dutch engineering, but is was never of any practical military value. Like their collegues all over the world, Dutch military planners are specialists in preparing for the wars of the past. Recently the Waterlinie has been rediscoverd and given a new status as an orientation point for spatial planning. You can read a lot about its history and its rehabilitation. But it is perfectly possible to skip the reading and just walk. (DB)

Select some tracks
Waterliniepad Part 1-8, 149km
Waterliniepad Part 9, 23km
.Waterliniepad 01: Volendam - Halfweg, 18km
.Waterliniepad 02: Halfweg - Krommenie, 20km
.Waterliniepad 03: Krommenie - Buitenhuizen, 13km
.Waterliniepad 04: Buitenhuizen - Haarlemmerliede, 14km
.Waterliniepad 05: Haarlemmerliede - Hoofddorp, 12km
.Waterliniepad 06: Hoofddorp - Uithoorn, 17km
.Waterliniepad 07: Uithoorn - Abcoude, 17km
.Waterliniepad 08: Abcoude - Weesp, 13km
.Waterliniepad 09: Weesp - Bussum, 18km
.Waterliniepad 09a: Rondje Muiden, 5km
.Waterliniepad 10: Bussum - Nederhorst den Berg, 17km
.Waterliniepad 11: Nederhorst den Berg - Maarssen, 20km
.Waterliniepad 12: Maarssen - Utrecht, 20km
.Waterliniepad 13: Utrecht - Nieuwegein, 13km
.Waterliniepad 14: Nieuwegein Laagraven - Nieuwegein Prinses Beatrixsluis, 14km
.Waterliniepad 15: Nieuwegein - Culemborg, 15km
.Waterliniepad 16: Culemborg - Asperen, 19km
.Waterliniepad 17: Asperen - Vuren, 14km
.Waterliniepad 18: Vuren - Woudrichem, 21km
.Waterliniepad 19: Woudrichem - Werkendam, 19km
.Waterliniepad 20: Werkendam - Brabantse Oever, 14km
.Waterliniepad 21: Brabantse Oever - Dordrecht, 13km
Waterliniepad 14: Nieuwegein - Nieuwegein, 14km
Waterliniepad 13: Utrecht - Nieuwegein, 13km
Waterliniepad 11: Nederhorst den Berg - Maarssen, 19km
Waterliniepad 10: Bussum - Nederhorst den Berg, 17km
Waterliniepad 9: Weesp - Bussum, 18km
Waterliniepad 12: Maarssen - Utrecht, 20km
Biesboschpad - Hoofdroute
.Biesboschpad - 01, 14km
.Biesboschpad - 02, 16km
.Biesboschpad - 03, 22km
.Biesboschpad - 04, 17km
.Biesboschpad - 05, 12km
.Biesboschpad - 06, 19km
.Biesboschpad - 07, 19km
.Biesboschpad - 08, 15km
.Biesboschpad - 09, 13km
.Biesboschpad - 10, 10km
.Biesboschpad - 11, 11km
Biesboschpad - 12 - Variant, 16km
Biesboschpad - Dagwandeling Jantjesplaat, 17km
Biesboschpad - Dagwandeling Oeverlanden, 28km
Biesboschpad - Dagwandeling Oostwaardpad, 21km


Waterliniepad, TP2


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