1. Name Nordlandsruta
  2. Lengte van pad 550 km, 342 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 30 dagen
  4. Start van pad Bjørnfjell
  5. Einde van pad Børgefjell
  6. Traildino graad MW, Gemiddelde wandeling, trektocht
  7. Huttentrektocht graad T1, Wandeling

Trygvebu - Argaladhytta, Nordlandsruta

550 km, Bjørnfjell (Narvik, north) - Børgefjell (Helgeland, south), one month

This trail runs in north Norway, passing through Okstindan and Nord-Helgeland, Saltfjellet, Sulitjelmafjellene and Narvikfjellene. On the Swedish side, the trail passes Padjelanta National Park. Here it runs parallel to the better known Nordkalottruta (or Nordkalottleden in Swedish). The Nordkalottleden continues much further north.

It is an adventurous and lonely trail. The nature is endlessly wild. The trail is cairned or waymarked entirely. And you will find lovely little huts, some 50 of them in total, on regular intervals. But the huts are not staffed, nor will you find food in store. You have to carry your food yourself. But your tent can be left home. To open the huts, you need a key. Luckily, the DNT key, available from the DNT offices, fits on all DNT and local huts. Along the Swedish part of the trail are some staffed huts.

Select some tracks
.(no name), 23km
.(no name), 14km
.(no name), 18km
.(no name), 18km
.(no name), 18km
.(no name), 21km
.(no name), 9.7km
.(no name), 25km
.(no name), 11km
.(no name), 15km
.(no name), 21km
.(no name), 24km
.(no name), 25km
.(no name), 4.6km
.(no name), 23km
.(no name), 15km
.(no name), 8km
.(no name), 7.8km
.(no name), 10km
.(no name), 19km
.(no name), 12km
.(no name), 13km
.(no name), 4.5km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 39: Sorjushytta - Ny-Sulitjelma Fjellstue, 11km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 38: Sårjåsjaurestugan - Sorjushytta, 12km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 37: Staddajåkkåstugorna - Sårjåsjaurestugan, 5.6km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 36: Stáloluokta - Staddajåkkåstugorna, 12km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 35: Arasluokta - Stáloluokta, 10km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 34: Låddejåkkå - Arasluokta, 13km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 33: Kutjaurestugan - Låddejåkkå, 17km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 32: Vájsáluokta - Kutjaurestugan, 17km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 31: Røysvatn - Vaisaluokta, 51km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 30: Paurohytta - Røysvatn, 27km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 29: Sitashytta - Paurohytta, 21km
.Nordkalottruta Etapp 28: Skoaddejávrehytta - Sitashytta, 19km
.(no name), 13km
.(no name), 17km
.(no name), 22km
.(no name), 11km
.(no name), 2.6km
.(no name), 8.2km


Beoordeling 9.0 | 2 stemmen | No 2. in Noorwegen
  • Henk Nouws September 2010
  • Beoordeling 9
  • Positief Lonely trail high up in the north. Small and cosy huts. Well marked.
  • Traildino Augustus 2010
  • Beoordeling 9
  • Positief A quiet trail high up in the North of Scandinavia. I liked the wildness of the area. The huts are very pleasant; makes hiking easy.
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Map of Nordlandsruta


  • Traildino in Norway!

  • Traildino Augustus 2010
  • Saltfjellet is a beautiful name for an equally beautiful and rugged area in northern Norway. Although remote, it is easy walking. There are small cabins where you can stay overnight. Bring your own food.
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TraildinoAugustus 2010

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