GR177 Ruta del Moianés


  1. Name GR177 Ruta del Moianés (GR177)
  2. Lengte van pad 109 km, 68 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 6 dagen
  4. Traildino graad MW, Gemiddelde wandeling, trektocht
  5. Huttentrektocht graad T1, Wandeling

GR177 Ruta del Moianés

Ruta del Moianés, GR177 Ruta del Moianés. 109 km, 5 stages. Catalunya

This trail makes a circular walk on the plateau of Moianès. This region is in the interior of Catalonia. The plateau is not flat, but hilly, with some nice sediment formations. The second part of the 20th century marks the end of most of the agricultural use of the lands. Nowadays, you will mostly encounter varied forests (if not lost by fire) and some agricultural lands as well as some good vineyards. The villages however are still lively. Here you will easily find accommodation. The trail is well-marked.

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GR 177 Ronda del Moianès, 94km


GR177 Ruta del Moianés


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