Great Divide Trail


  1. Name Great Divide Trail (GDT)
  2. Lengte van pad 1,127 km, 700 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 80 dagen
  4. Traildino graad SW, Inspannende wandeling, bergpad
  5. Huttentrektocht graad T2, Bergtocht

Great Divide Trail, Heading down to Cataract

Waterton - Kakwa, 1200 km (700 miles)

The Great Divide Trail is a wilderness hiking trail in the magnificent Canadian Rockies. It connects to the USA Continental Divide Trail. The trail closely follows the Continental Divide between Alberta and British Columbia.

The trail crosses many national and provincial parks. However, it is not officially recognised by the authorities. Therefore, most of the trail is unsigned. Only the 100 km stretch in Alberta Crown Forest Reserve are maintained by the Friends of the Great Divide Trail.

The trail passes through five national parks, seven provincial parks and four wilderness areas. The character of the trail changes from tourist trail to backcountry trail and crosscountry route. The backcountry bushwalking is very much a contrast to hiking in the national parks. Therefore, thruhiking is the exception, and the great sounding name and great promise of this trail do not reflect any popularity of it.

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Great Divide Trail, 18km
Great Divide Trail
GDT d-- British Columbia
GDT dw- "H" Future GDT to Kakwa
.GDT dww, 74km
GDT e-- Alberta / British Columbia
GDT ec- "G" Kakwa to Mt Robson
.GDT ecc, 63km
.GDT ecg, 36km
.GDT ecm, 49km
.GDT ect, 26km
GDT ef- "F" Mt Robson to Jasper
.GDT efc, 32km
.GDT efm, 67km
GDT ei- "E" - Jasper to Saskatchewan River Crossing
.GDT eic, 56km
.GDT eig, 40km
.GDT eil, 38km
.GDT eiq, 24km
.GDT eiv, 29km
GDT ek- "D" - Saskatchewan River Crossing to Field
.GDT ekd, 39km
.GDT ekm, 23km
.GDT ekw, 41km
GDT en- "C" - Field to Canmore
.GDT enc, 37km
.GDT eng, 39km
.GDT enj, 34km
.GDT enm, 25km
.GDT enq, 20km
.GDT ent, 26km
.GDT enw, 28km
GDT es- "B" - Canmore to Coleman
.GDT esc, 32km
.GDT esf, 36km
.GDT esi, 25km
.GDT esl, 24km
.GDT eso, 43km
.GDT ess, 28km
.GDT esw, 22km
GDT ew- "A" - Coleman to Waterton
.GDT ewc, 18km
.GDT ewg, 14km
.GDT ewj, 20km
.GDT ewm, 39km
.GDT ewr, 30km
.GDT ewv, 25km


Beoordeling 10.0 | 1 stem | No 1. in Canada
  • Canadoug Juli 2010
  • Beoordeling 10
  • Positief The breathtaking views, the ruggedness, abundant wildlife, amazing waterfalls and deep cut gorges, glacier topped peaks and glistening aquamarine high mountain lakes
  • Negatief The confusing ATV trails around the Castle Mtn/Crowsnest section, and the high amount of blowdowns and overgrowth in the national park section of Yoho/Banff on the Amiskwi/ Howse Pass trail
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