Elgin Hiking Trail


  1. Name Elgin Hiking Trail
  2. Lengte van pad 41 km, 25 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 3 dagen
  4. Start van pad Dodd Creek
  5. Einde van pad Payne’s Mills
  6. Traildino graad MW, Gemiddelde wandeling, trektocht
  7. Huttentrektocht graad T1, Wandeling

Elgin Hiking Trail

Dodd Creek - Payne’s Mills, 41 km, 3 days

Wilderness trail in the Carolinian Forests North of Lake Erie, Ontario. Elevations are limited. The trail takes you through a variety of landscapes: fields and meadows, forests, rivers. Snowshoeing is possible in winter.


Hiking Map Elgin Hiking Trail


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