Chubu, Mount Fuji


The Chubu Region houses the famous Japanese Alps. Since it is also situated in the populated centre of the country, this region is probably the most popular hiking area in Japan. The highest mountains can be found here. Three Alpine massifs are generally distinguished: Kita Alps (North), Minami Alps (South) and lesser known Chuo Alps (Central Alps). Other mountain massifs can be found here and are just as fine to explore.

Japan's highest mountain and national symbol, Fuji-san (3.776m), is in the southern part of Chubu.

The west coast, called Hokuriku 北陸地方, attracts a lot of hikers. Nagano is in the centre of many hiking area's.

Two nature trails can be found here (Chubu Hokuriku nature Trail and Tokai Nature Trail) as well as part of the Nakasendo Trail.



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