Breheimen is a mountainous area west of Jotunheimen, and is a popular hiking destination. The region is very varied with great contrasts between the lush valleys and the mountain tops. It's wildness is comparable to that of Jotunheimen, even if the mountains do not raise to the same heights. Moreover, the region offers fjords, most notably the Sognefjord, marking the southern boundary of Breheimen.

The biggest asset of Breheimen is of course Europe's largest mainland glacier, the Jostedalsbreen. This glacier is that large that it even rises above the surrounding mountains. Impressive ice tongues tumble from its sides into the steep valleys and fjords; a main tourist attraction. It is possible to cross the glacier. Unless you are an experienced mountaineer with adequate equipment, you should not try to do this on your own. Better join a guided tour, available from the surrounding towns.

Around the glacier you will find several huts and hotels. The mountains between Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen – Breheimen proper – are serviced by a network of mainly DNT self-service huts. So, a small backpack suffices.


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  • Jostedalsbreen Nordeca 10063
  • Map No. 10062, Sandane, in the new topographic survey of Norway at 1:50,000 covering the country on 195 double-sided sheets and first published by Nordeca in 2011 - 2012; fully GPS compatible, indicating waymarked footpaths, campsites, tourist huts, illuminated ski runs, etc.The maps, now published by Nordeca, the successors to Statens Kartverk... Read more
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