Western Arthurs Traverse


  1. Name Western Arthurs Traverse
  2. Lengte in dagen 13 dagen
  3. Traildino graad DW, Moeilijke wandeling, bushwalk
  4. Huttentrektocht graad T3, Veeleisende bergtocht

Western Arthurs Traverse: Steve Harding Pix 1976 - by KC

11 - 13 days, December - April

The Western Arthurs Traverse is a hard walk, along the rugged spine of Australia's most heavily glaciated mountain range containing 22 peaks and over 30 lakes. It was only in 1960 that the traverse was first completed. The length of the range is not particularly impressive: only 20 km or so. Nevertheless, following the trail is spectacular, not to say dangerous. Forget about any comfort: when there is no scrambling involved, you might end up stuck in the mud.


Western Arthurs Travers


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