Voie Littorale


  1. Name Voie Littorale
  2. Lengte van pad 370 km, 230 mijl
  3. Lengte in dagen 15 dagen
  4. Start van pad Pointe de Grave
  5. Einde van pad Bayonne
  6. Traildino graad LW, Lichte wandeling, landelijke wandeling

Voie Littorale

Voie Littorale, Pointe de Grave (Gironde) - Bayonne / Irun, 370 km, 15 days

A new coastal route to Santiago de Compostela has been marked along the French coast, from the mouth of the Gironde (just south of Bretagne) to the Spanish border at Hendaye. This trail can be used as a substitute for the European Long Distance Path E9 that has never been adopted fully in this region.

Expect lots of forests, a bit dull, lots of tourist resorts, and a great many tourists. Of course, there are beautiful stretches as well. The atlantic coastline has it’s charms.

It’s better to avoid July and August. In winter, most hotels are closed.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

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